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A decision to initiate a marriage dissolution may be one of the most difficult in a person’s life. Apart from being stressful and time-consuming, it is also quite expensive if you decide to get legal assistance. However, why spend so much time and money on something that can be done faster and cheaper online?

Take just 20 minutes to answer questions on our website and get your divorce forms filled out for only $139.

Our Benefits

100% guarantee of court approval

We provide only up-to-date forms picked specifically for your case.

Straightforward questions

You do not need legal knowledge to understand how to answer or be sure that you have done it right.

Step-by-step filing guide

You will be provided with detailed instructions on initiating a divorce and finalizing it successfully.

Simple and fast

There is no need to waste a lot of time meeting with the lawyer or collecting the paperwork on your own. All you have to do to get your documents is to spend 20 minutes answering our questionnaire.

No hidden costs

The price of $139 is final – there are no surcharges or unexpected payments.

Private and secure

Working with us, you will never have to worry about security. We have a really strict policy and never disclose clients’ personal information to any third party.

How to Get a Legal Divorce Online

Here are the steps to getting a divorce with GetDivorceOnline:

Answer Detailed Questions

Fill out our simple and well-detailed online questionnaire.

Review Completed Forms

Print and sign the documents we send you.

File for Divorce

Use the guide we provide you with to file the paperwork with the court.

Do I Qualify for an Uncontested Divorce?

The first step in getting a divorce online is making sure that you and your spouse file for a no-fault divorce. This implies that on paper, none of you would put blame on each other for the marriage ending. The official reason for divorce in your case would thus be irreconcilable differences or another suitable no-fault basis.

After that, you need to understand whether you can come to an agreement concerning all the important matters such as asset division, alimony payments, as well as child custody and support. If you can or are willing to negotiate and settle on a common decision, you can get an uncontested divorce and file for it without a lawyer. In case you are unsure, click the button below to check if you qualify.

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Complete Online Divorce Without a Lawyer

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Starting a divorce, you may be astonished by the amount of money you have to spend on lawyer’s services. However, the good news is that uncontested marriage dissolution can be finalized without legal assistance, and you can file for it completely on your own. Here are some benefits of DIY divorce:

Low price

All you have to pay are court fees charged by your state.

Convenient process

You can get a divorce online from the comfort of your home.

Complete freedom of actions

There is no need to schedule appointments with lawyers or rush when making decisions as you can work at your own pace.

However, when you decide to start a divorce process without a lawyer, you should also be aware of the certain risks:

It is really difficult to find a full packet of forms that are accepted by the court.

Without having legal background, you may find incorrect documents or fill them out in a wrong way, which means that a clerk will not accept them.

Be ready to spend a lot of time searching for relevant information and collecting the needed paperwork if you are doing everything on your own.

The good news is that all these issues can be easily avoided by cooperating with GetDivorceOnline. We offer up-to-date and court-approved divorce forms and choose the right set for each of our customers. With the help of our service, you can get your paperwork and instructions on how to file for a divorce online for only $139!

Filing Forms and Serving Your Spouse

To begin a divorce, follow a few simple guidelines:

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GetDivorceOnline is a company which has been helping couples to get Internet divorce since 2010. We understand that divorce is an extremely stressful process for spouses and their families and do our best to make it as painless as possible. Our service helps divorcees to get filled out paperwork suitable for their specific case for only $139. With us, you can complete a divorce online and forget about huge lawyer costs!